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Professional Speaking takes many forms.  It is about being seen as an expert in field, or having a specific experience or approach in a field of thought or practice.  As for myself,  I am known for the perspective of Meaningful Living.  It is in each of us finding our own Meaning, Purpose and Fulfilment of Life that we achieve Happiness.  Now add to that, the diverse field of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain Technology.  How the mind boggles, for we are truly the creators of our lives even down to creating a speaker platform.  Of late, given that I work with Change Management which is an extension to Meaningful Living, I have been able to combine the two fields.

One thing is for sure, as an introvert, professional speaking has extended me in many areas of my life.  Like everything else, when we put our minds to “it”, we can make it happen.   I have spoken on many different stages – in excess of 150 times. I have spoken in many different forums for many different objectives.  Each time it has grown me as a human being.  For it is only in connecting with the audience can we impact, inspire and call for new behaviours that will enrich, exhilarate or excite people.

Topics, inclusive of and not limited to:

  • Ultimate Meaningful living
  • Purpose of Life and Life Fulfilment
  • Change Management and
  • Attunement of Life

I have spoken to audiences of every age, designation and across all life circumstances.  My studies and research is extensive.  Simply portrayed, practical, take-home tools make up a part of my speaking toolbox.

Transformation however is not enough, nor is Transcendence.  The burning question is, What is BEYOND?  Why are we here, now, with these people?  What is our TrueSelf calling us to live in to? Interesting questions, not so?

Motivational speakers can help people to:

•    Succeed better with improved people-development technology
•    Become leaders, improve leadership and sustain leadership
•    Improve relationships
•    Develop generative attitudes
•    Become healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
•    Better enjoy life, living fully into all dimensions of life

LDS has addressed audiences for example, from the following organisations

  • Viktor Frankl Institute 17th World Congress
  • Viktor Frankl Institute Conference – Vienna
  • Damelin College of Business
  • EDL – Emissaries of Divine Light
  • Raymond Aaron
  • Rotary
  • PSASA – Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa
  • Lifestyle Galaxy
  • SA Business Women’s Association
  • Standard Bank
  • Thomas More College, Kzn

I can be booked for your end of year function, promotional events, motivational encouragement or where you have a message that needs to be spread in a third party voice.

Speaking is a privilege that few embrace.  Psychological Stress Tests claim Speaking as the third highest stressor – higher than death itself.  However, take it from me, it is a skill that too can be learnt.  I have often assisted people to get over their fears of public speaking.  It is a simple process to learn.

Want to become a speaker, join a professional speaking association or need a speaker for your event?  Buzz me, Barbara

Imm Past President Kzn PSASA – Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa

Cell: +27 (0)82 784 7656

Landline: +27 (0)31 716 8226

Email: bj@leadershipdimensions.co.za

Skype: Barbara.Johnson48