Leadership | Are your Addictions ruling your life?
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Are your Addictions ruling your life?

Are your Addictions ruling your life?

The Addictive person’s despair shows in their attempts to numb themselves or seek a thrill with some substance or behaviour (Dr Ann V Graber). Addictions become all-consuming and destructive, and are becoming more and more a part of the Human Condition. Addiction, however, has the potential for transformation.


By taking responsibility for your choices, together with commitment and fortitude you can align yourself with a new perspective of life. Addiction is the use of energy in a particular way. You have the choice to use that energy in a different way – a positive and fulfilling way. You have the choice to use that energy to align yourself with new life management skills to live a happy life – you owe it to yourself and those closest to you; family; friends and colleagues.


Man is not fully conditioned and determined but rather determines himself whether he gives in to conditions or stands up to them.” – Viktor Frankl


Would you like to learn practical tools to win back your life, and let go of Addictions?

Leadership Dimensions offers some healing questions for you to work with:

  1. What have I learnt from my Addiction?
  2. What challenges have I had to work with?
  3. Have I become a stronger person in the process?
  4. Does this experience make me appreciate things I have taken for granted?
  5. What choices do I still have?

Suffering is intended to challenge us. By acknowledging and accepting your challenge, your Addiction, and taking responsibility for your choices, you can transform your attitude, your life. In the words of Viktor Frankl, you can become a “Better Person, not in spite of, but because of the circumstances that you find yourself in”


May I suggest that you embrace this gift?


Leadership Dimensions Solutions will honour your journey of addiction and use it as the very catalyst that you have been looking for to enrich your life. You will create a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling foundation for yourself.  Imagine what you will achieve!!!

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