Leadership | Book – Yes-Yes-YOU
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Book – Yes-Yes-YOU


10 Stepping Stones to GET 0N with YOUR LIFE

Co-create your life: Be the master of your choices, take ownership of your responsibility and deliver your best ever.

Authentic Living comes from accessing your TrueSelf, honouring your Life-Calling and finding your own Meaning of Life.

Yes, Yes YOU! supports YOU to find your personally unique and meaningful journey. This book is a fundamental tool in business and in family life. It will release your self-determination, self-direction and self-motivation.

Yes, Yes YOU! is about Trauma being used for Transformation and Transformation being used for Transcendence! Imagine what the world would be like when YOU respond to living your life with meaning, purpose and fulfillment — this is the recipe for happiness!

YOU can experience paradise on earth whilst healing the Eternal Storehouse of the Universe, as YOU uniquely bring to the world who YOU REALLY ARE! Dr Barbara Johnson is an Expert in the  Meaning and Purpose of Life.

Yes, Yes YOU! results from Barbara’s Life-Calling – her deeply felt passion for the upliftment of children, through the development of their parents.

Barbara is a Counsellor, Coach, Trainer, Healer, Speaker and Author. Barbara received an Honorary Doctorate for her 35 years research in People Development. Barbara works across all life circumstances, ages and cultures. Highly influenced by the work of Dr Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy, Barbara is involved with the evolution of changing our approach to Psychology and Training. This Client-focused approach is fast, joyful and sustainable.

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