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Dr Barbara Johnson  of LDS –  #ThePeopleDeveloper / #PeopleSolutions – is a founding member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) some 14 years in the making. Coaching is defined by COMENSA as ‘a professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven method of learning that seeks to develop an individual and raise self-awareness so that he or she may achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level’.

Coaching is an interactive, enlightening process that brings about change. Through the process of coaching, your coach can assist you to:

  1. Identify issues that are limiting your progress – seeing your ‘blind spots’.
  2. Identify and choose best steps of action
  3. Effectively implement steps of action
  4. Confidently take action for change in order to achieve goals
  5. Stay on track

Benefits of a Coaching Programme:

  • Gain greater clarity in roles, objectives and goals
  • Increase openness to personal development
  • Enhance self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Skills for improved Engagement, Performance and Contribution
  • Gain greater job and life satisfaction quickly, effectively and with sustainability
  • Gain greater ownership, responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Love the life you are living

LDS challenges traditional coaching. Behaviour is preempted by personalised Engagement, that impacts Performance and Contribution.  Behaviour is underlined by each person’s unique human condition and unique circumstances. LDS first honours this uniqueness.

Dissatisfaction, frustration and suffering manifest in disruptive, unproductive and negative behaviour. By the internally address of such behaviours we can bring about improved external personal Engagement, Performance and Contribution in life and in business.

People make companies.  People make for company success or failure.

Prudent companies see to the needs, development and potential of their people.

LDS works from cornerstones of  Safety, Sacredness and Confidentiality for both Business and Individuals within the Business.

Several offerings are made available to Individuals, dependent on the stage of life they find themselves in.

  • TrueSelf is Meaningful-Life Model for Individuals to find their Meaning, Purpose and Fulfilment of life.
  • SelfTranscendence is going beyond that which has been inherited. In this space of mastery, higher goals, achievements and influence are achieved.
  • BetterCare is a self-care programme in which individuals get to self-transform, exhibit discipline and generate of hopeful-helpful attitude.
  • BeyondSelf extends Individuals towards their Spiritual-Self. It is in this space, that personal Engagement, Performance and Contribution into work, family and social communities are seen to significantly improve. This is balanced victorious living.
  • Yes, Yes YOU! 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE is authored by myself and published in Canada. This resource can be used across all LDS’ service offerings into all life circumstances.
  • Entrepreneurial Projects: Individual clients further and holistically extend their development for greater personal education and wealth development.


LDS uses a 15+- minute online, non-prescriptive, non-biased, uniqueness-focused assessment.   We incorporate both the external manifestations of personality, as well as individual’s’ intangible drives, emotions and energy levels. A 20 page, highly graphic Report is generated.  A deeply insightful 90-minute Feedback Session follows utilising my expertise in Meaning, Purpose and Fulfillment Counselling and Life Coaching.

Together with this, LDS can offer a six-week online intervention based on Competency building.  24 Competencies are available.  One Competency is worked on at a time based on the above-mentioned Report.

Call Barbara Johnson

Cell: +27 (0)82 784 7656 or +27 (0)82 871 0843

Landline: +27 (0)31 716 8226

Email: bj@leadershipdimensions.co.za

Skype: Barbara.Johnson48

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