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Trauma Counselling:

TraumaRelease of PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, where the individual is manifesting, or is suspected of experiencing loss, grief, pain, depression, anxiety, aggression or addiction. This fast (typically up to 5 sessions), simple and empowering process is highly liberating.  People get to experience themselves as more Engaged, Perform better and are able to Contribute in more positive ways, impacting on those with whom they work and live.

One-on-One Sessions are held in a safe, sacred and confidential space, shifting a hopeless-helpless existence into a victorious, self-determining and transcendent life experience.  Ultimately, going well beyond the survival of the difficult and moving into the true reason for being here on Earth at this time and in the circumstances that we find ourselves in.

Leadership Dimensions Solutions (Pty) Ltd’s approach to counselling is a process that focuses on the well-being of the whole individual. Personal growth, development and self-understanding  empowers the individual to adopt more constructive life attitudes, thinking, practices and results.  Facilitation enables the individual to come to terms with past or present reality, difficulties and concerns, to bring about greater life experiences.

LDS’ programmes offer a non-prescriptive, eclectic and unique approach that honours the dignity of each individual. This non-clinical environment is a safe, sacred and confidential space. New potential is possible and an add-value foundation for coaching is established.

Counselling is a process that focuses on the well-being of an individual, facilitating personal growth, development and self-understanding to empower the individual to adopt more constructive life practices, by enabling the individual to come to terms with past or present reality, difficulties and concerns.

Benefits of Counselling:

  • Find inspiration, renewed attitude and creative solutions towards overwhelming problems
  • Non-prescriptive, holistic and eclectic approach prevents stereotyping of individuals
  • Free choice and personal responsibility honours in uniqueness of individuals
  • Use of trauma for transformation
  • Develop a clearer understanding of problems, concerns or issues by going to cause rather than only to symptoms
  • Acquire new skills to better manage both personal and professional issues
  • Create balanced well-being through self-motivation, self-direction and self-management
  • Find new meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Feel heard, honoured and dignified as unique, within your unique circumstances.

Transform dissatisfaction, frustration and suffering into a more meaningful and constructive way of living. This approach brings about fulfillment and happiness. Self transcendence is made possible by reaching out for better Engagement, Performance and Contribution.  Life becomes a much improved experience.

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