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Hello I am Dr Barbara Johnson

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Leadership Dimensions Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

My Passion is Children and my Mission is to impact those who Influence them.

I offer People Solutions to Individuals privately and professionally in or outside of the workplace for all designations, life circumstances, ages and cultures (as long as we can communicate in English – sorry about that!)

My Council for Counsellors South Africa / THO Practice No is: 699917.

I have a NQF – National Qualifications Framework Recognised Prior Learning Doctorate.

I have 35+ years of business experience.  I found my life calling in the words of Dr Viktor Frankl, “Better People, not in spite of but because of the very circumstances that they found themselves in”. Leadership Dimensions Solutions, LDS, was established in 2002 as a vehicle to fulfill this calling of growing myself and others to being “Better People” in all our life circumstances . Imagine the growth and life enrichment you will achieve when you commit to improving each aspect of your living.  It is like transplanting an acorn seed from a pot into the full expanse of the earth!!  You get to live into your full potential and it is from there that magic happens.

LDS adopts the holistic, integrated approach of body, mind, emotion, spirit in the realm of relationship to life so that we may experience ourselves as being fully human.  “It is in the striving to find meaning in one’s life, that is the primary, most powerful, motivating and driving force in all humans” Frankl.

LDS works with the uniqueness of each individual within their own unique circumstances. It is through individuals’ adversities that meaning of life is found.   In fact, the adversity becomes a gift; “compost” if you will, for the magnificence of the orchid to grow!

LDS works with Leadership and Management, Teams and Individuals. When your Life becomes Meaningful, Purposeful and Fulfilling it will impact on everything that you think, do and achieve for both yourself and for others .  Your results will reflect these changes to improve the way that you Engage, Perform and Contribute – the basis of Legacy!  You will become a Better Person and in the process role-model for others to become Better People too.

  • One-on-one interventions – Face-to-Face or Skype-to-Skype
  • Customised Speaker Events
  • Workshops
  • Programmes
  • Training

Cell: +27 (0)82 784 7656

Landline: +27 (0)31 716 8226

Email: bj@leadershipdimensions.co.za

Skype: Barbara.Johnson48

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