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Self-Leadership then Leadership of Others


Sustainable Leadership

“Leadership is not about position or title. It is about how we influence others. It is how we serve others. It is about the way we impact others by being accountable and current”

Authentic serving comes from True-Self, honouring your Life Calling and finding your own Meaning of Life.

Leadership is the competitive edge in the market place. Leadership Dimensions assists organisations to develop their most precious asset, their Leadership.

Leadership Dimensions offers a unique and holistic approach to improve, grow and to sustain leadership.

Leadership and potential leadership is addressed from the perspective of Self, first.

The process is safe, sacred and confidential. It honours the dignity of the unique individual in unique circumstances.

True-Leadership is about moving into results that generatively impact on the greater good of all concerned.

Improved and sustained performance and committed contribution leads to greater profitability.

Through re-humanising yourself as a leader and encouraging those you encounter, you will find ultimate meaning in your leadership that is liberating, energising and engaging.

* Ken Blanchard & Mark Miller.

Sustainable Leadership
Dr Barbara Johnson
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