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The People Developer – Dr Barbara Johnson


 The People Developer – Dr Barbara Johnson

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Hello and welcome to my company website.

So I am Barbara Johnson, based in Hillcrest Kzn South Africa.  Whilst I was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia then, and now I am not a “When We”) I have lived here in South Africa for some 43 years – ohhhhh my word, I didn’t just admit that did I? The majority of those years were spent in Johannesburg where I married and raised two children.  Now “Granny Barbara” to a 16 year old and a 2 year old – loving that new phase of my life.

So, now for the business side of me.  Leadership Dimensions Solutions (Pty) Ltd’s core value is the upliftment of Children. LDS works meaningfully to develop those who most influence the children, namely their Parents.  I work with individuals either privately or as employees of companies, separately or in groups. Created in 2002, LDS has touched many lives, in many different circumstances and in many different ways.

In the past 16 years of People Development, I have Spoken, Counselled, Coached and Consulted for the sake of “Better People, not in spite of, but because of, the very circumstances that they find themselves in” Viktor Frankl.  No longer are we stuck in Trauma, without moving into Transformation and Transcendence and now too also into disruptive technologies that brings the power of us back to us.   The exciting question is, “What lies BEYOND?”  Who would we become if we were to venture beyond how we know ourselves today into the “unknown”?  How would we positively impact the world once we became to know ourselves even more, became fully ourselves and embraced the newness of now?

  • LDS’ aim is to improve Individuals’ life experience by using an approach that is  Meaningful, Purposeful and one that creates Fulfilment.
  • The approach used is a non-prescriptive “conversation”, based on the UNIQUENESS and DIGNITY of the individual, working across gender, age, race and all life circumstances.
  • LDS uses an Integrated Holistic Wellness System across all eight dimensions of life.
  • LDS brings to the marketplace the Meaning-Purpose-Fulfilment approach – encouraging us to be the very difference that we are each called to bring into Life as “Better People”.

In my many years of this work I have come across many modalities.  I believe in a no-one-size fits-all approach.  I have also learnt about upcoming disruptive technologies.  I am proud to say that even in my maturing years that I have become a participating pioneer in the world of crypto currencies and blockchain technology.  These are truly exciting times.  CryptoCurrenciesSA.co.za and BlockchainTechnologySA.co.za are being developed to share the good news to all those who are brave enough to come with us. And there is more: it is very heart-warming for me as the owner of LDS to say that we are a part of a very much bigger global vision.  We are affiliated to a company that has partnered with a prominent South African company, to assist with the care of children, both in South Africa and Malaysia, taking care of 71 charities.  Together we can indeed make the world a better place, first by becoming better people ourselves and then by extending beyond ourselves to the very lives that are the most vulnerable – that of our children!

Buzz me, I very much look forward to it.



Speaker, Author, Trainer, Counsellor, Coach, Consultant, Analyst

Past President PSASA – Professional Speakers Association Southern Africa

 Cell: +27 (0)82 784 7656

Skype: Barbara.Johnson48

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